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SEO Tips

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SEO Tips
There is a lot of uncertainty about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and what you should do. Our view is to get "the basics" correct and the rest will follow.

It is also important to understand SEO is not instant, it takes at least three months to see results and remember SEO is a long-term ongoing process.

SEO Basics

1. Have a good website. Not only should your website look good, but it needs to be well structured and easy to navigate (for Google bots and the like also). A difficult to navigate website will be just as difficult for a "bot" to navigate and result in content not being indexed. If your site is difficult to navigate or has lots of content ask your webmaster to create a sitemap for your website.

2. Have SEO friendly URLs. The URLs should describe the content they are directing you to and remember to use hyphens in URLs, not underscores. Hyphens are treated as a space, while underscores are not.

3. Write unique content. This is a MUST. Do not copy content, the "bots" will ignore your article and it will not feature high on peoples search results.

4.Start a blog/news/events section on your website. Especially if the other content on your site does not change often, this is essential. The URL should be yourwebsite.co.za/blog or news or events and add content at least once a month but preferably once a week. This content must be original and relate to your business. This gives the "bots" a reason to visit your website on a regular basis and has the added advantage of creating more keywords on which your website will be found by potential visitors.

5. Use your chosen keywords as anchor text when linking internally. Anchor text helps tell "bots" what the linked to page is about. Links that say "click here" do nothing for your search engine visibility.

6. Build links to your website. Start with trusted directories like Yahoo and DMOZ and then seek links from authority sites in your industry.

7. Give links to other websites, this will encourage others to link back to you. It is necessary for your website to have links going out just as much as having links pointing to your website.

What Next?

After these basics you can start looking at using social media and pay per click campaigns.

Managed Hosting

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Managed Hosting
Managed hosting implies hosting plans that are administered by the hosting service provider. The prices for managed hosting packages vary from a few rands/dollars per month to hundreds of rands/dollars per month. It is important you understand what services the managed hosting plan offers when making your managed hosting choice.

Fully Managed Hosting

This term is relative, one person might think that the hosting plan is fully managed while others may think that the technical support they receive is not enough. The rule of thumb is, the higher the price, the more technical support you will get.

A fully managed hosting plan implies that your website will be monitored by experienced webmasters on a regularly basis. Thus you don't have to worry about server downtimes, software and security upgrades and other technical issues.

Partial Managed Hosting

Your website is monitored by the staff from your web hosting provider. However, the client is also required to perform some administrative functions for maintaining their websites. We recommended that you to check with the web hosting provider what level of technical support is provided before making your final decision.

What are the Benefits?

Managed hosting is good for small to medium sized business firms since it is costly to hire a full-time in-house webmaster to maintain their website. Maintaining a business website with the maximum uptime is vital and managed hosting is the perfect solution for business to outsource the technical side to the professionals from web hosting companies.

Managed web hosting plans are more expensive than shared web hosting plans, however, you save a great of deal of time in not maintaining your website yourself and these savings can enable your business to outperform your competitors in terms of total cost. It is often more cost effective to have a fully manged hosting plan than to to hire a professional adhoc for software updates and security updates that you need done to your website.

What do we offer?

Our Starter and Business Hosting package includes partial managed hosting, while the Professional Hosting Package offers fully managed hosting. To find out more details contact us.

Website Content Management Systems

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Website Content Management Systems
A website content management system (CMS) is software used to manage the creation of structured web pages for a website.

Content Management System software keeps track of all of the content on your website and utilises a database, for example Mysql. The content in these websites can include text, photos, music, video, and documents. The greatest advantage of using a CMS website is that it requires less skill or knowledge to add content to your website once the web design and functionalities have all been set up.

What does this mean for "flat/static" HTML websites?

The old static HTML style sites work for small 'brochure' style websites and websites that plan to stay unchanged for long periods of time. The major downside of this is that "google"
is NOT going to rank your site very high. This old method of making websites requires each static HTML page's content to be coded inside the page which can often be assited with the use special editing software.

Any changes to the look and layout of such a website require you to work within the single page of code. To make changes to the overall design of the website you need to make the same changes on each and every page within the website. This can be very expensive if you have this done on an hourly basis by a professional. What you can do with a static website is also very limited when compared to what a CMS website has to offer.

Why use a Content Management System

A CMS website allows for pages that are dynamic, in that they separate content from presentation and layout. The content of a page is separated from the menu, words and images used on each web page.

The design and layout is controlled by the front end template that you see on the website which can be dynamically changed per page (no coding of each and every page is required), and the words and images are inserted by the database at the time the page is rendered on the internet.

A CMS website allows for quick and easy updates to the content, as well as systematic organizing and collecting of information.  You are also able to grow your website over time and add functionality such as a shopping cart, slide shows and photo gallery.

With a CMS website you can add articles/blogs without any coding knowledge. If you can write a letter in Microsoft Word or send an e-mail, you can create and publish an article using a CMS software run website. If you later decide you want a new look and feel to your website this can easily be done with a new template that can be designed for you and then updates your entire website.

Static HTML websites often have a lower startup cost than a CMS website, but the cost of maintenance and updates to a "flat/static" website can make it far more expensive in the long run. All the websites disigned and developed by Niche Website Solutions utilise award-winning content management systems (CMS).